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Unique Funeral Home and Cremations in Beavercreek, OH

Beavercreek OH Funeral Home And Cremations

Approaching the planning for funeral home and cremations in Beavercreek, OH can be supported with the qualified team of experts at Conner & Koch Life Celebration Home. We are committed to helping you design unique and meaningful services for your own future arrangements or your departed loved ones’ needs. By collaborating together, we feel confident that you will be pleased with the customized honoring services you select and plan with us.

As a family-owned and operated facility, we take pride in being a small business that can adapt to the individual needs of our clients. When it comes to end-of-life and funerary arrangements, there really shouldn’t be a one size fits all approach. Living in and around the communities we serve makes us feel a great sense of connection with our clients in this challenging time. We strive to treat our clients the way we would treat our own family--because we feel that way about you.

Life Celebration Meets Funeral Home and Cremations in Beavercreek, OH

A Life Celebration focus is something that sets our business apart from other funeral home facilities. In fact, we prefer to be called a “Life Celebration Home” instead of a funeral home. Through the lens of honoring the whole life, we work with our client families to co-create a fitting and unique tribute focused on sharing the memories and stories that were part of that life. A celebration of life is ideally designed with input from the one who will be honored.

If possible, this is a conversation that can take place before a death occurs. Asking your loved ones about how they want to be remembered, what they are most passionate about, and what they envision their Life Celebration including can be helpful places to start. If you are thinking about your own future services, consider meeting with a pre-planning consultant to get some of your ideas in writing before they are needed. These steps can help immensely when the actual time of need arises since you won’t be left guessing what your deceased loved one would want.

traditional funeral service can include up to four different parts. First, the funeral wake is a meeting where the body may be displayed to the public. It is a time for those who wish to offer sympathies to the family to meet with them. It is also an ideal opportunity to pay your final tribute and “say goodbye” to the deceased. The emotional benefits of this type of closure are heralded by many professionals who support grieving individuals.

The funeral service itself is next and is a time of remembrance and honoring. After the funeral, a graveside committal traditionally follows. Finally, a reception for close family and friends may be the last formal part of the full funeral service. The full funeral service will feel familiar and comforting for those who hold closely to tradition and religious formats.

A less formal offering might be a celebration of life. This type of honoring event is often held after the remains have been handled. This means the timing of the event could take place several weeks or months after the death date. It could honestly look like anything you and your family desire. Centering an event around the passion or hobby of the deceased can be very meaningful. For example, if Grandma was an artist, perhaps you will gather for a paint night where you spend time together creating art and sharing stories about her.

A Final Resting Place

Something important to consider when making plans for both funeral home and cremations in Beavercreek, OH, is where you will lay your loved one to rest. Casketed remains and cremated remains in a sealed container may be buried in a traditional cemetery. Burials could also take place above the ground in mausoleum or columbarium spaces if they are available at your chosen site.

Cremated remains could be scattered in a cremation garden, on your private property, or in another location with necessary permissions and any required permits in hand. They could be planted with shrubs, flowers, or trees to create a memorial of sorts. Some very out-of-the-box ideas have been tastefully employed in making these arrangements. It is okay to get creative here. Of course, many people simply wish to keep the cremated grains on display at home to feel a closeness with their departed. 

Begin Arrangement Planning Today

If you have suffered a loss, our hearts ache for you, and we stand ready to help you through this tender time. If you have an upcoming death or simply feel like it is time to set your affairs in order, we can help with that too. As you make these plans for funeral home and cremations in Beavercreek, OH, contact us at Conner & Koch Life Celebration Home. Our beautiful and welcoming facility is located at 92 W Franklin St, Bellbrook, OH 45305. Please call day or night for immediate needs at (937) 848-6651.