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Custom Designed Funeral Home and Cremations in Bellbrook, OH

Bellbrook OH Funeral Home And Cremations

Navigating the funeral planning process for both funeral home and cremations in Bellbrook, OH, can be made much easier when working with qualified and caring professionals. As a top leader in the industry around the greater Dayton area, Conner & Koch Life Celebration Home is much more than your typical funeral home. As a small family-owned and independently operated business, we feel a strong sense of community and connection with our patron families.

We believe that each life lived should be honored in a way that reflects the individuality of that person. A cookie-cutter approach to funerary services can feel lackluster and even a little bland. Your loved one should be honored and remembered for who they were and the life they lived. We promise to treat you and your departed as we would our own loved ones. Our highly trained team of experts is here for you in this time of anguish and grief. 

What Types of Services Will Best Serve my Needs for Funeral Home and Cremations in Bellbrook, OH?

Several styles of services could be selected and, in some cases, layered to create an honoring event and disposition for your departed loved one. Each option has unique benefits and will work well for many circumstances. What is most important is taking into consideration the wishes of the departed and the close family. Services can be designed from there.

A Life Celebration: Typically, a celebration of life can be less formal and traditional than a funeral service. Often this type of service is held after the body has been cared for, so the timeline of when the service is held may vary significantly. Ideally, the person being honored will have left some input on what this service could look like.

Making pre-arrangements or even taking notes from conversations that have taken place can be extremely helpful when the time for actual planning comes. In addition, centering the celebration around a meaningful passion or interest of the deceased can be an excellent way to come together to honor their memory.

Funeral: A full-scale traditional funeral service can include up to four different portions. The first is a visitation that takes place prior to the funeral service. The visitation offers those who are mourning the loss an opportunity to gain closure which can lead to acceptance of this new reality. It can make the transition into a healthy grieving pattern just a little bit smoother. Those who share this loss can also offer each other love and support during this event. The funeral service follows shortly after visitation. The funeral is where this life is remembered, and memories are shared.

After the funeral portion is complete, there is often a procession to the place of burial where the graveside committal is presented. After the cemetery meeting, a reception of sorts may be held to complete the event. A funeral service does not necessarily need to include all of these portions to be called a funeral. For those who are looking for the comfort of that formality, structure, and tradition can provide, a funeral service is a beautiful way to honor your dead.

Burial: A burial service can be a simple way to lay your loved one to rest. It may be held for a larger group, but it often tends to be a more intimate and smaller event. The first priority will be to select a cemetery and buy a plot to your liking. Next, a casket and burial vault will need to be chosen. The burial service may be more elaborate or direct, with only a few words spoken and any requested rituals before the service is completed. There is no “right” way to do this, so communicate your wishes with us, and we can help you set up something perfect.

Cremation: Cremation is not actually an honoring service, though it is handled with great care and respect for the dead. Cremation is a means to handle and care for the final remains to prepare them for final disposition. The cremation process must be handled in a crematorium with the appropriate licensure to complete this service.

The body is usually placed in a lightweight container and set within the cremation chamber at the crematorium. Extreme heat is then turned up, and the contents within the chamber will be incinerated. Further processing will ensure the collection of remains becomes a consistent granular form. It can be helpful for planning purposes to know that it is possible to hold a funeral home and cremations in Bellbrook, OH, for the same person.

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As you take on the process of planning for services regarding funeral home and cremations in Bellbrook, OH, you will want to work with the highly-rated Conner & Koch Life Celebration Home at 92 W Franklin St, Bellbrook, OH 45305. Please call us anytime for immediate needs or during business hours for future planning by dialing (937) 848-6651.