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Individualized Plans for Funeral Home and Cremations in Centerville, OH

Centerville OH Funeral Home And Cremations

The planning of funeral home and cremation services in Centerville, OH, will be much easier when supported by the expertise and compassion of the staff. It is the hallmark of the mission at Conner & Koch Life Celebration Home. Co-creating individually specific and meaningful services to help you lay your loved one to rest is an important part of the healing process for grieving loved ones.

Being family-owned and independently operated, Conner & Koch has the ability to meet the needs of our clients in real-time. We understand that generalized services often miss the mark. As community members and friends of those who come through our doors, it is important to us that we meet the needs of our client families with the compassion and customization that we would want for our own family members. 

Service Styles for Life Celebration, Funeral Home and Cremations in Centerville, OH

As you reflect on the life of your loved one who has passed, you may already know exactly what will be the right way to remember them with the perfect final arrangements. However, sometimes it can help to have a quick overview to help you select the style of services that will be best.

A Life Celebration is an event that we most often help our clients organize after the deceased's body has been taken care of. It tends to be less traditional and less formal than other service styles. However, it can be tailored to reflect the unique interests of the departed. Was Grandpa a chess fanatic? Work that theme into his Life Celebration, perhaps even allowing for some game time.

If there are strongly religious or traditional preferences, the full traditional funeral service may be a better fit. You can think of a full service as having four components. There is not a requirement to hold all portions to call it a funeral service. The first element of a full funeral is a visitation or formal viewing event. This is a time that allows the family, friends, and acquaintances who wish to offer support to gather in a show of kindness and love. It also allows for the deceased to be presented for a final goodbye from those who have survived them.

After the viewing, the funeral service will take place. Often clergy, funeral celebrants, and/or family and friends will be part of presenting this service. It is a time to remember and honor the one who has died. Following the funeral, if casketed burial is scheduled instead of cremation, the procession will move to the memorial park or cemetery where interment is already arranged for. A brief committal service will occur there. The last portion of the funeral service is a reception that can often turn into a beautiful celebration of life.

Even though cremation is always handled respectfully, it is not an honoring service. Cremation is the means that transitions the intact remains into their final form, that of ashes. The process of cremation is regulated carefully and as such will be handled according to specific protocols to protect the dignity of the deceased and the security of the remains. It is legal and ethical to combine a funeral and cremation in Centerville, OH, for the same individual if desired. The procedure of burning the body in a closed chamber and then collecting the final remains allows the family to have many options for where the remains will be laid to rest. 

Choosing a Final Resting Place

If casket burial is the desired final disposition, it is important to find a cemetery or memorial park that will meet your burial needs. Do you prefer earth burial? Are you aware that above-ground burial is also an option in many burial grounds? If that is desired, look for mausoleum or crypt spaces as the final resting place.

Cremated remains can also be containerized and buried or entombed in one of these locations as well. Other options for disposition after cremation include scattering. This could be done in a cremation garden, privately owned property, or natural public setting that has been approved through the proper channels.

Another idea that is often carried out for cremated remains is having them planted with a tree or other foliage that will continue to grow for years to come. A small portion of cremated remains could be contained within cremation jewelry or other keepsakes. Displaying the remains in a customary urn can also be a lovely way to feel close to the deceased. 

Connect With Us to Get Started

If you have an immediate need for funeral and cremation in Centerville, OH, don’t hesitate to connect with us at Conner & Koch Life Celebration Home for the next steps. We are prepared to help you any time of day or night. Call us at (937) 848-6651. You may also stop by our inviting facility located at 92 W Franklin St, Bellbrook, OH 45305.